Saturday, December 3, 2011


TOday i finally went to bandra to get my dye-positive printed for my saree. I have worked so hard for this saree.. it better turn out to be good. Anyways as i was loitering around in bandra pinning my hopes on finding a cheap printer wala. Anyways after getting my hopes shattered at ollwyn ( i still think it should be Allwyn) anyways i went to another shop where my work was done in under 200 buckS! . Since i had plenty of spare cash remaining to decided to trod over to bandra to do some shopping. I was trying to find a auto when a lady came over to me and offered me a ride. The car-ride was so good :) she told me all sort of things, gyan on why i shoudn't take help from random strangers. And which college i am in. etc etc . She dropped me near globus and it was all fine. i roamed brought new chappals for college and a t-shirt which was horribly wrong! While coming back from bandra i got the bus 384 about which the lady informed me. After this i reached santacruz and got my tiny little 619! isn't it wonderful! It got me thinking maybe the world isn't that bad! once in a while magical things do happen. Guess its wiser to keep trusting after all!