Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28th 2010

So often u r far,
So rare u r close,
People who r special UR one of those,
Ur very presence makes me smile,
Happiness comes to me in bunches n pile,
Time spent with u passes in a while,
Without u even the closest distance looks like crossing the Nile,
Ur an integral part of me,
Without u i'm a lock without a key,
Don't ever leave me is my pray to thee,
Once together we'll turn from single to we,
Life was never so good before,
Happiness i always find standing at my door,
Love is what i can give to core,
my heart is true and my love all pure...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

.....special beings......

okay b4 people read the following poem , i'd like to mention it ....that i read it in chicken soup .......yea rte so churai hui poem hai ... :P....well any ways ...i read it .....nd i loved it .... the poetess has written this poem when she came across a beautiful elm tree which stood alone on a big plane ground .....and it is significant of so many things .....she has written the poem beautifully ...and i feel it deserves to be on this page....

She stands alone , both tall and true
The perfect picture of solitude
The soul of a woman encased in bark
With limbs that move in a majestic arc
Alone she's faced the storms of life
The wind and rain, disease and strife
Others gave up , but no, not she
And there she stands for all to see
She' had her share of troubles and woes
But she made it through , and still she grows
Like her i too know grief and pain
I've faced the wind, I've felt the rain
And like her too , i still stand tall
Though life may beat me , i will not fall
It may throw punches, i may take a blow
But in the end i too shall grow
Each storm i weather increases my strength
And beneath this skin, my soul's to thank
The elm and i , we know what to do
We count on ourselves , and make it through.

..well.....this poem reminds me of awesome friends ...and my mom...and some parts of me ......these powerful women always manage to enthrall me with their courage beauty and grace ....i get to learn so much from all of them ...cheers to woman hood .....nupz , peryy usshe , nadee

-with 'louvee baa' :P

this fr u guys...

Monday, March 22, 2010

The perfect kiss

Look at me,
Point your lashes down,
Look at my face,
You can see my eyes,
Look a bit closer and you can see my soul,
It is over brimming from your love,
I can’t stop smiling.

Touch my smooth skin,
You find me hesitating; don’t give up, hold tighter,
Keep me from falling,
Embrace me with all your love,
Promise me you’ll protect me,
I’m probably shaking,
You will sense my uncertainty,
But I’m waiting.

Close your eyes,
Place your lips against mine,
And feel me,
Feel the subtle passion within me,
The love evolved within me is yours,
Don’t worry about it not being perfect,
All I’m glad is that it happened.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

little mr. caterpillar

Little Mr. caterpillar
Came into my life

Little Mr. caterpillar
Had a great smile

Little Mr. caterpillar
claimed to be mine

Little Mr. caterpillar
Was a shade of bottle green

Little Mr. caterpillar
All he ate was juicy green leaves

Little Mr. caterpillar
Was a mighty ole' man

Little Mr. caterpillar
he had a handsome face to be recognized

Little Mr. caterpillar
Made my life alright

Little Mr. caterpillar
Was my only sunshine


What we choose to ignore ...
was that he was a pretty butterfly

Who would bring out colors of the rainbow
And fly!

And all i was a stupid moth,
whose life was nothing but plain black and white!

Together we made a awful sight!

So i packed my bag and walked away alright!