Friday, October 17, 2008

wt is a marriage and why do people get married ...when u can totally dte till doom ...create kids ..i ask ...why?? ...deyre f9 as long as deyre tiny and adorable ....den dey grow up and ruin evrithn . wt do we need marriages for .Once you find ur love ..or in case of arranged marriages you find ur match ur desperate to get married ...when its a universal truth that love doesnt last (idz written in da book da road less travelled) it to be sure , and about arranged marriages ..well when u cant find a right gal or a guy ..u ask ur parents to pick one case of guys even if u luk like a pig ur paired with a pretty,slim fair,tall ....homely girl...and incase of galz ..ur paired wid a decent non drinking ,non smoking ,fat pay check which lasts long .....wll if ur terribly lucky dan u get a so-called..nice hubby or a nice wifey ..howevr todayz wrld ....da hubby evntually grwz a beer belly ...(nd dude six-pacz r in ) so ....u get bored of him ....nd wifes aftr two 3 kidz shes fat nd has wrinkles ...nd starts lukin ugly . so hereafter da hubby goes fr younger galz if hez rich ...nd da wife...wid da help of her illusionary hardwrkin matez hardearned money is used to lure ...young guyz ..who ready to do nethn fr dat extra cash ....nd thus ...dey hav enuf cash to impress deir ...highny whiney galfrndz ....i find marriages r nuthn but a contract to be togethr ...nd in a terribly ethicz ridden soceity of ourz ..u cannot escape da clutches of marriage without earnin a BAd NAME" ....why sacrifice ur freedom to sumthn stupid like marriage ....when u hav da advantage of live -in relationz ...mayn ..idz .....waaaay cooler dan money spilling idiotic ritualz ...embibed in all u mommaz guyz nd galz out der ...who r ...forced by da outdated views of thier parents ,chaccas, chacis...who thnk dat deyre lil gal or boy has grwn up nd needs to get married ...tell dem to fuck off ...coz idz not u whol suffer a grt deal ..idz gonna be ur ...kidz ....who will not know where deyre headed in life plz plz ......dont get married ...nd evn if by chance u do den ....plz.....u need to hav a terribly understndn ...partner and u shud hav brainz too ! never fight to never divorce ...nd then ...make other people suffer jus coz of ur terribly stupid decision .

Thursday, October 9, 2008

love is scary!!

For giving me pain,
For giving me tears,
And for giving me a soulful of fears,
I can only thank you,
For you gave me something!

For ruining my life,
For making my heart strive,
And for killing me wen I was alive,
I can only thank you ,
For u gave me something!

For giving me hate,
For making this my fate,
And for this is my future,
I can only thank you,
For giving me something!

For making me suicidal,
For turning life into hell,
And for this my life,
I can only thank you ,
For you gave me something!

For giving me all this,
I can only thank you ,
For you gave me a lesson ,
That love only gives pain!
And I promise ill never love again!


I look at the sky and gaze at the clouds,
So deep, so deep is that for eternity?
I keep wondering,
Then I ask my heart,
That is so deep again so deep,
Which is filled with pain?
What went wrong?
I ask again, is that for the sins I committed?
Or just because god hates me!
A heart full of pain asks again,
Is this supposed to be the end?
And all the time I had no answer,
And thus I decided,
When I die ill ask,
To the man who made eternity,
What went wrong?
Was I not doing my part or did I not work hard!
But till then
My heart would live with a sorrow of losing
But then I heard a wise person say
God has a plan for all of us!
And also me probably!
So when all is lost hope still remains,
And I guess I will live with it.


Closed doors, Empty rooms,
Hollow heart, totally dark,
That’s all what, I been succumbed to,
Life’s weird and boring too,
Silent disgrace,t’ is my fate,
Gads face,Nonexistent,
People say it is my fault,
Oh im relly not freakin-out,
Dis time I know ill be strong,
World talks and talks,
Nd I aint locking my thoughts,
This is my life ill live it by my rules,
I aint givin up,
Fuck up or suck up,
Im doing wat I want to,
For the first time in my life!!
My hollow heart screams with pain,
It wants open its thoughts which have been tamed,
Hes taken everything from me,
And left me nothing.
Bt Dis time I know ill be strong,
World talks and talks,
Nd I aint locking my thoughts,
This is my life ill live it by my rules,
I aint givin up,
Fuck up or suckup!

shez all alone

she stares at her feet,as shes walking by ,her shoes are torn ,just like her weary heart,she looks at the sky,its as dull as the shine in her eyes,she feels a lump in her throat,which is heavier than ne goddamn thing on the earth,shes wants to hold back her tears,she hates feeling vulnerable,she stands alone and smiles,coz shes amused by the people around,every one faking sympathy,how will they ever know,how much burden she carriees,shes completely torn inside ,but holds back the urge to cry,she knoes she cant give up,her broken soul yells with pain,though she knoes ders no1 to listen to her,noone to soothe her ,noone to hold her tightly ,nobody to wipe her tears dry,she luks at the sparrow ,such a tiny yet marvellous creature ,free from troubles,free from everyone,she can simply fly away !thus secretly she wishes,her silent pryer to god ,if hes listenin ,to grant her freedom;yes! thats what she longs for ,free to do as she wills;free from all the troubles;she yearns for peace;she wants to be in his arms ;in godz arms;thus with her final good-bye;she jumps in the river.

a broken soul

he held her hand ,they walked by the shore,she was excited as hell,her eyes sparkled ,her hands went cold,her stomach felt the fluttering butterflies inside, she was on the ninth cloud,she smiled at the sun,which wasnt as bright as her smile ,she loved the silence,the silence which meant more than words,she was with HIM,that was the eternal truth,for he, was her world,they had met after a year,a year which was tough to pass,with his absence clinging to her soul tightly,she moaned silently ,she slept with tears in her eyes,for she missed him dearly!but today he was with her,and she was with him!thats all what mattered,she had known him for years now,she knew what was on his mind,yes!this was the right time,she thought.he had told her,told her he has a surprise!suddenly evening turned to night,the lovely stars had come out,now she was fed up of the silence,which suddenly felt piercing,she knew something was wrong,she asked him calmly.he said nothing at all,in her mind she thought how can this be ,tonight was the night,the night after which she would ,wear a ring,he looked into her eyes,with utmost sincerity he said,mary,i met some one else!