Thursday, October 9, 2008

a broken soul

he held her hand ,they walked by the shore,she was excited as hell,her eyes sparkled ,her hands went cold,her stomach felt the fluttering butterflies inside, she was on the ninth cloud,she smiled at the sun,which wasnt as bright as her smile ,she loved the silence,the silence which meant more than words,she was with HIM,that was the eternal truth,for he, was her world,they had met after a year,a year which was tough to pass,with his absence clinging to her soul tightly,she moaned silently ,she slept with tears in her eyes,for she missed him dearly!but today he was with her,and she was with him!thats all what mattered,she had known him for years now,she knew what was on his mind,yes!this was the right time,she thought.he had told her,told her he has a surprise!suddenly evening turned to night,the lovely stars had come out,now she was fed up of the silence,which suddenly felt piercing,she knew something was wrong,she asked him calmly.he said nothing at all,in her mind she thought how can this be ,tonight was the night,the night after which she would ,wear a ring,he looked into her eyes,with utmost sincerity he said,mary,i met some one else!


nar said...

i know dese are sum ov ur very first creations... n so i luv dem even moe :)

Lincoln said...

its beautiful ,simple but subtle :)