Tuesday, April 15, 2014

what it means to be older and wiser.

You are presented with the same circumstance, he says a thing or two to make you happy.

You feel happy, secure. He forgets,you cry.

When your older this has happened already, you have fallen dusted off the wounds and stood up once again.

Now when he says things like ' Be free from the weekend, we need to hangout'. Temporary bouts of happiness knock your door. You feel wanted. But you don't forget that this is a big deal for you, not him. He says this to too many girls. Kisses a lot of them. Gives a lot of them that mushy feeling.

He adds you on instagram, but doesn't care about your existence. You are just somebody to him.

When your older you know to know better. Keep yourself safer. You work towards protecting yourself.

People will change the ones who you thought as your own will secretly make fun of you, even despise you.

They will come close, know all your secrets and attack the most vulnerable parts of you.

When your older, you are willing. Willing to take it all, the insults, the heartbreaks, the pain, the humiliation because you have seen it once. You have worked though it. You know your way.

You don't put yourself out there. You be your own best friend.

Because you have no body but you. You are responsible for your own well-being.

A prince charming doesn't exist. You find your own damn shoe-maker to make you glass shoes.

And love? You learn to love yourself.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The promise of the romantic comedy


This genre of movies has single-handedly changed the course of history in a substantial manner. 
The perfect-cheek-boned man. The one gets-you-flowers man. The one who-makes-breakfast man. The one who-holds-you-hand while crossing the road man. The one-who-pays man. The one-who-is-sensitive towards you man. The one who listens to romantic songs and thinks of you man. The one who-doesn't-break-your-heart man. The-one-who-marries-you-and-you-live-happily-ever-after man. 


Like every other love-struck cow out there i'm a sucker for this genre too. 

Why do certain us, emotionally crippled in love, engage in these delusions. 
Why do i love it when she finds her happy ending, or when he proposes, or when he looks at her like that. 
I real like love stories never really find a climax. 'True love' this concept has been fed into our system to distract from the natural course of life.

Life of pi: A guy who chooses to create Richard Parker from his imagination, weaves a fantastic story to turn a blind eye from the monster he himself became. Is life so ugly that human had to resort to delusions for solace. 

Why does a kid need to sell stuff in train simply so he could earn his meals for the day. 

What is this huge gap. 

Money=boyfriend=fancy clothes=prettiness=fancy lunches=fancy dinners=better education=cars/automobiles=LOVE

Romantic comedy type of love doesn't cater to humans

The sadness of everyday life is too much of a burden for the meek man. He lives, breathes and experiences life through his imagination,illusion. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I'm too obsessed with the universe and all the unsolved mysteries. Instead of thinking of my less than awesome life i prefer indulging in daydreams of romnticized theories of how maybe i am just a mirage.

Someone's imagination. A character from some book. A slower dimension of a very fast world. Or perhaps a large blob of goeey mass and bones with some kind of invisible spark which is better known as spirit.

All the things, love, sex, business, loosing-virigity, money etc seem so tiny when i think of myself in this context.

Who am i really?


Or her?