Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The promise of the romantic comedy


This genre of movies has single-handedly changed the course of history in a substantial manner. 
The perfect-cheek-boned man. The one gets-you-flowers man. The one who-makes-breakfast man. The one who-holds-you-hand while crossing the road man. The one-who-pays man. The one-who-is-sensitive towards you man. The one who listens to romantic songs and thinks of you man. The one who-doesn't-break-your-heart man. The-one-who-marries-you-and-you-live-happily-ever-after man. 


Like every other love-struck cow out there i'm a sucker for this genre too. 

Why do certain us, emotionally crippled in love, engage in these delusions. 
Why do i love it when she finds her happy ending, or when he proposes, or when he looks at her like that. 
I real like love stories never really find a climax. 'True love' this concept has been fed into our system to distract from the natural course of life.

Life of pi: A guy who chooses to create Richard Parker from his imagination, weaves a fantastic story to turn a blind eye from the monster he himself became. Is life so ugly that human had to resort to delusions for solace. 

Why does a kid need to sell stuff in train simply so he could earn his meals for the day. 

What is this huge gap. 

Money=boyfriend=fancy clothes=prettiness=fancy lunches=fancy dinners=better education=cars/automobiles=LOVE

Romantic comedy type of love doesn't cater to humans

The sadness of everyday life is too much of a burden for the meek man. He lives, breathes and experiences life through his imagination,illusion. 

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