Monday, October 22, 2012

How much exactly is too much...?

Women are sensitive creatures they say. But are we really? I know a young girl, got married to her childhood love, living with him in a pretty apartment. Owns two dogs. Has a comfortable job. Everything is pretty much great , except , within ten days of her marriage her husband starts cheating on her with a married woman who has a kid. He threatens to leave her constantly, belittles her and mentally abuses her. Makes her work like his slave. Tortures her for dowry. Yet today when he left the house with his suitcase threatening to leave her for the last time, making her cry like mad,  in another hour her calls her to say he is back in the house and asks about her whereabouts she is more relieved than angry. I could sense her weird sense of happiness. Whereas i was plain pissed.

Well made me wonder, are all of us supposed to epitomize the ideal indian woman and forgive our husbands/ boyrfriends even when they cheat? will boys forgive their girlfriends if they cheated. How much do you have to love a person to really extinguish them from your life. Till when are you supposed to hold on and keep hope. Do men really ever see the light ad actually come back to save you to be all yours forever. Is the mental, physical trauma they cause us, a form of love. Are all men just the same and we as the secondary sex supposed to put up with their drama? Am i wrong when being judgmental about a couple's madness from the outside. Are all couples unique with their own set of boundaries. Do people of the same wavelength really find each other? or is it just a myth.

Is adjustment the real way. Did my mother make a mistake by divorcing my father? Did perry make a mistake by letting go himanshu ? Am i making a mistake by stonewalling Choti Ladki?

Will i ever know, i guess time will tell... someday i'll have my answers for sure.

Monday, October 15, 2012

things to do.

1. Try to get up on time. like do yoga and stuff, make fabulous amazing paintings so that i become rich by selling them for gazillion dollars.
2. Get some exercise. Like seriously i need to get rid of the belly flab :\ ill start looking pregnant in some time.
3. GET OVER HIM. which retarded person stays in love with the same freak for more than a year. common   the truth is (could be) that he is shagging some drop dead gorgues hottie whilst i'm stuck watching breakup-feel good movies all the time. I am not looking for love. But staying in love is plain sad. Especially when it's all over.
4. Stop making bullshit theories in my head. Like how i am the anti-Christ or some messiah, or reincarnation of a dinosaur. I day dream so much that i hardly have any concept of time :|
5. Stop hating random women assuming he is dating them. I know this sounds bizarre but then who said i was normal.
6. To not get disappointed coz i still cant play the guitar nicely. (sobs)
7. To plant more plants, now that I've realized i don't kill all my plants .
8. Learn illustrator and Photoshop nicely, like become a pro, be the best in the world.
9. To be nice to guys and men, stop hating the entire race.
10. To stop having random crushes on men twice my age. Trust me its not as twisted as it sounds. I'm talking about johnny depp kind of men.
11. To work on my appearance. I  have so many bad days. I don't like looking at myself in the mirror at times. thanks to him i notice all my flaws.
12. To be poised. Not kill myself before i turn 25 or loose my virginity. After these two things i think i can die peacefully.

Hmm 12 not bad for now . 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smile for me.

What is a smile anyway ?
Why should i smile anyway ... when i was a kid i thought stretching my mouth to the left and the extreme right and forming a straight line would make a smile. Well, no wonders i looked pathetic in wedding pictures. As i grew up and lost my front teeth, i had a smile paralysis. I couldn't really show people the gap in mouth due to the missing molars. Result: i pursed my lips. Well and that was my smile. Eventually i got my teeth back and well they came back in the most horrible way possible. I had a bunch of crooked teeth inside my mouth. People called me a rabbit. I never understood what a smile is supposed to look like. Are we supposed to show our teeth. Well, i finally grew up and decided to be more social and well smile. I finally let it all out. I smiled without thinking about my weirdness. My bad angles, my crooked teeth. I smiled. with my soul. I could see the shine in my eyes.That's all it takes , a heartfelt smile. It is a weird thing though. Smiling is such a simple concept. Such a natural human behavior. But so uncontrollable. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the company of loneliness

Waking up to a bad dream is something , but waking up crying for a dream that in some parts is true, well, that is something else. Tears are a weird phenomenon. They come when you least need them. There, to embarrass you. Make you look like a wuss, sentimental freak of some kind. And when you need them, to fake you way through something. They simply decline from making an appearance. A feeling which never goes. Pain which never leaves your side. Helplessness which doesn't improve at all. Feeling like lower than the standards of tiny insignificant mayfly , when you have no money. Not more than 20 rs, even when working. Those lost moments when people enjoy relationships, who enjoy love , sex and well, care. And then feeling like another tiny non-significant creature with a short life span when you see someone having all of these and still cribbing. When did the daily moments become such a struggle. When did i land up on this path. So confusing,  disappointing everyone around. People who you adore are happy to get rid of you and your memories. You hang on to them like a stubborn puppy. World moves on, you lie there. Trying to shake you hands real real fast in an oscillation, to feel moments. To feel that your are indeed a human being. And moments are running so fast. The time that will come has already passed. Times change. They do. don't they?