Monday, October 15, 2012

things to do.

1. Try to get up on time. like do yoga and stuff, make fabulous amazing paintings so that i become rich by selling them for gazillion dollars.
2. Get some exercise. Like seriously i need to get rid of the belly flab :\ ill start looking pregnant in some time.
3. GET OVER HIM. which retarded person stays in love with the same freak for more than a year. common   the truth is (could be) that he is shagging some drop dead gorgues hottie whilst i'm stuck watching breakup-feel good movies all the time. I am not looking for love. But staying in love is plain sad. Especially when it's all over.
4. Stop making bullshit theories in my head. Like how i am the anti-Christ or some messiah, or reincarnation of a dinosaur. I day dream so much that i hardly have any concept of time :|
5. Stop hating random women assuming he is dating them. I know this sounds bizarre but then who said i was normal.
6. To not get disappointed coz i still cant play the guitar nicely. (sobs)
7. To plant more plants, now that I've realized i don't kill all my plants .
8. Learn illustrator and Photoshop nicely, like become a pro, be the best in the world.
9. To be nice to guys and men, stop hating the entire race.
10. To stop having random crushes on men twice my age. Trust me its not as twisted as it sounds. I'm talking about johnny depp kind of men.
11. To work on my appearance. I  have so many bad days. I don't like looking at myself in the mirror at times. thanks to him i notice all my flaws.
12. To be poised. Not kill myself before i turn 25 or loose my virginity. After these two things i think i can die peacefully.

Hmm 12 not bad for now . 

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