Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Bitch?

Today my college had its annual fun fair. Which was a pretty successful. But An expression from a guy made me realize something v substantial. I am a total guy-repellant. I say the meanest things. I said the mean things defensively but then i did score some minus points for being such big mouthed. Where can i blame this attitude of mine my parents failed marriage or vaibhav deshpande and the epic heart break? Well after my fun fair i met my friends. Nargis revealed all of us were single in 5 years of our friendship. It wasn't a matter of celebration but we cut a cake anyway! . My friends too have had horrible breakups why aren't they guy repellent. Why Can't i control my big mouth!!! .. I have done something horrible too. I hope i don't get into trouble for that! . . Do people change? OR am i destined to be this crazy- big- mouthed- guy- repellant- stupid woman- who- ends -up- with- her- lonely- house? This is not the person i wanted to be.. I feel like i have a whole lot of pent up sins which my karma is going to screw me for. When and where did i cross the line..
When did i forget to keep my feet firmly grounded.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the cupid sim card!

Today was a v. hectic yet fun filled day. In college it was our traditional day. We had a seminar where college showed us a documentary. I reached home early and decided to go to the dance class. After the dance class i wandered around looking for food. Mom said there was no tea-time naashta at home and well i was starving. I found a sandwich wala and decided to get a couple of sandwiches for me mum and kuku. As the sandwich wala took his own sweet time to prepare my sandwiches i noticed a few things.
1. cute couples
2. cute couples holding hands
3. cute couples holding hands and immersed in each other
i have gone mad! ..
It was the same lane where vaibhav and i met during the Airtel sim card* phase.

Airtel sim card phase: This was the phase where vaibhav deshpande was persistent that i give up vodafone and take up airtel. So it was easier for us to talk all night :P . I wasn't his girlfriend also! .. the cutest thing was i lost the sim card (genuinely and not myfault) like a 100 times . So every time we had to meet at the santacruz harbour wala bridge and walk all the way to west wala airtel gallery. No matter how ridiculous it seems to me now. It was somewhat silly n cute.
Every day is a attempt to get over this guy.
I know someday i will ! .

No matter what i do, i'll always be invisible to him.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reached my limit.

Today was his birthday. I wished him .

I spent the entire month thinking about how i should be strong and let this day go. But i somehow coudn't resist. Since when did i become such a sadist? Why am i leeching on the pain and tears. The cycle seems never ending. He hurts me. I cry. I cry some more. He never has never will care. Why do human beings get attracted to senseless pain. Are we all suckers for drama. Or am i a sucker for drama. When will i untie myself from this crazy phase. Why am i knowingly subjecting myself to this kind of torture. I wish i less impulsive. But i guess i do not regret doing what i did. I have finally crossed the threshold. Intense pain is necessary for healthy metamorphosis in life. Guess, i had to walk over this bump in order to rip off the old me into a new me!. .. Lets see what genre of book my life would make! ...

Saturday, December 3, 2011


TOday i finally went to bandra to get my dye-positive printed for my saree. I have worked so hard for this saree.. it better turn out to be good. Anyways as i was loitering around in bandra pinning my hopes on finding a cheap printer wala. Anyways after getting my hopes shattered at ollwyn ( i still think it should be Allwyn) anyways i went to another shop where my work was done in under 200 buckS! . Since i had plenty of spare cash remaining to decided to trod over to bandra to do some shopping. I was trying to find a auto when a lady came over to me and offered me a ride. The car-ride was so good :) she told me all sort of things, gyan on why i shoudn't take help from random strangers. And which college i am in. etc etc . She dropped me near globus and it was all fine. i roamed brought new chappals for college and a t-shirt which was horribly wrong! While coming back from bandra i got the bus 384 about which the lady informed me. After this i reached santacruz and got my tiny little 619! isn't it wonderful! It got me thinking maybe the world isn't that bad! once in a while magical things do happen. Guess its wiser to keep trusting after all!