Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the cupid sim card!

Today was a v. hectic yet fun filled day. In college it was our traditional day. We had a seminar where college showed us a documentary. I reached home early and decided to go to the dance class. After the dance class i wandered around looking for food. Mom said there was no tea-time naashta at home and well i was starving. I found a sandwich wala and decided to get a couple of sandwiches for me mum and kuku. As the sandwich wala took his own sweet time to prepare my sandwiches i noticed a few things.
1. cute couples
2. cute couples holding hands
3. cute couples holding hands and immersed in each other
i have gone mad! ..
It was the same lane where vaibhav and i met during the Airtel sim card* phase.

Airtel sim card phase: This was the phase where vaibhav deshpande was persistent that i give up vodafone and take up airtel. So it was easier for us to talk all night :P . I wasn't his girlfriend also! .. the cutest thing was i lost the sim card (genuinely and not myfault) like a 100 times . So every time we had to meet at the santacruz harbour wala bridge and walk all the way to west wala airtel gallery. No matter how ridiculous it seems to me now. It was somewhat silly n cute.
Every day is a attempt to get over this guy.
I know someday i will ! .

No matter what i do, i'll always be invisible to him.