Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Bitch?

Today my college had its annual fun fair. Which was a pretty successful. But An expression from a guy made me realize something v substantial. I am a total guy-repellant. I say the meanest things. I said the mean things defensively but then i did score some minus points for being such big mouthed. Where can i blame this attitude of mine my parents failed marriage or vaibhav deshpande and the epic heart break? Well after my fun fair i met my friends. Nargis revealed all of us were single in 5 years of our friendship. It wasn't a matter of celebration but we cut a cake anyway! . My friends too have had horrible breakups why aren't they guy repellent. Why Can't i control my big mouth!!! .. I have done something horrible too. I hope i don't get into trouble for that! . . Do people change? OR am i destined to be this crazy- big- mouthed- guy- repellant- stupid woman- who- ends -up- with- her- lonely- house? This is not the person i wanted to be.. I feel like i have a whole lot of pent up sins which my karma is going to screw me for. When and where did i cross the line..
When did i forget to keep my feet firmly grounded.