Sunday, January 8, 2012

The criteria for love?

LOve . The most overrated feeling. A friend once mentioned. All songs are written about it. All movies have this as a theme.And i keep blogging about it.NOn stop. Yet if you look for a proper satisfying definition, there is none. I guess its mutual attraction. When you body isn't in control of your head. You feel things in your stomach at the touch, sight of that particular organism. Sometimes i think love is nothing but quite similar to a disease. Like in fever or diarrhea. Just that the diseases can be cured with medicines. How can love be cured? The criteria for love is to think about that person everyday all day with no pauses. Even in you dreams :| seriously! Its like you can't stop your brain from thinking about them. Love is when all you can think about is that particular person's well being. Are they okay , have they eaten? Was their day alright? Is the world treating them fine? Innumerable questions about Them.
But about us. Me?
Me is lost! as far as i know.
When things are new, fresh and vibrant in a new relationship when they still love you; things are so beautiful! its almost unreal!! feels so GOOD.. Like a Big soft fluffy pillow with a big soft fluffy bed, buttery smoothness, no negative thoughts, just whiteness like loads of vanilla ice cream :P And the urge to smile like joker from batman!.
But when the other person gets distant, doesn't care about you. YOu inevitably sink in a small black hole, where everything smells like rust, Steel gray , fungus-y green and slimy in a bad way.
What can a person do... when the person you love doesn't want to see you , hear from you?
1. secretly keep loving them for ages
2. find someone to fuck temporarily
3. kill yourself.

Honestly these are the only three things that are possible options, all the shit that immerse yourself in work and all is shit.
Why this mad urge to see them, touch them, keep staring.
Your ego is lost. Self-respect gone.
I feel love is a punishment if not a disease.
The conclusion is that love is like a virus that turns into a flu and then turns into self-torture.

I really hope that some time in 2025 or some other century there is a cure for this life-threatening disease.