Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reached my limit.

Today was his birthday. I wished him .

I spent the entire month thinking about how i should be strong and let this day go. But i somehow coudn't resist. Since when did i become such a sadist? Why am i leeching on the pain and tears. The cycle seems never ending. He hurts me. I cry. I cry some more. He never has never will care. Why do human beings get attracted to senseless pain. Are we all suckers for drama. Or am i a sucker for drama. When will i untie myself from this crazy phase. Why am i knowingly subjecting myself to this kind of torture. I wish i less impulsive. But i guess i do not regret doing what i did. I have finally crossed the threshold. Intense pain is necessary for healthy metamorphosis in life. Guess, i had to walk over this bump in order to rip off the old me into a new me!. .. Lets see what genre of book my life would make! ...