Thursday, October 9, 2008


I look at the sky and gaze at the clouds,
So deep, so deep is that for eternity?
I keep wondering,
Then I ask my heart,
That is so deep again so deep,
Which is filled with pain?
What went wrong?
I ask again, is that for the sins I committed?
Or just because god hates me!
A heart full of pain asks again,
Is this supposed to be the end?
And all the time I had no answer,
And thus I decided,
When I die ill ask,
To the man who made eternity,
What went wrong?
Was I not doing my part or did I not work hard!
But till then
My heart would live with a sorrow of losing
But then I heard a wise person say
God has a plan for all of us!
And also me probably!
So when all is lost hope still remains,
And I guess I will live with it.

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