Monday, November 28, 2011

friends for life?

I Have always been amazed by my ability for being receptive to criticism. Isn't it weird that we always get really really obsessed about something bad that is being said about us. There are people who will always talk bad about you. No matter how hard you try. Our close friends, really close ones alwayss!!! ALWAYS. :| know what you are doing wrong with you life. As in the traits you need to work on.. or where you need to stop. Your potentials. Demerits. etc
Why is it then tat we hardly voice our opinions unless our friend is really desperate!
Are we scared of scarring the relationship or are we being cowardly and selfish by not voicing our opinions. Are we just supposed to accept and adjust with the permanent attitude of this particular friend or should we try and do something .. so that it doesn't hurt them in the long run.
Does true friendship mean accepting you friends with their flaws .. or is it when you try to help them improve their flaws?
Are we supposed to accept it when your friend does innumerable things that bother you. Or is it just that every person has a different personality and one single person can't have it all.

Life wouldn't be so difficult if we did not have flaws..
Should friends be the ones to give you a reality check?
Or should everyone just be mum and let life happen? !