Sunday, November 20, 2011

wedding... really?

Yesterday i went to my first catholic wedding as a intellect thinking adult.
Here are my observations:
1. That on the wedding day .... atleast when the guy sings 'baby your my angel' and looks into the girls eyes.. okay that's where you can see love.
2. The groom kissed the bride for like ever!!!.. and choti ladki kissed me for like 2 secs :|
3. The chemistry between lovers is so unreal.. i was almost jealous!
4. Even though there were tons of hot guys i coudn't take my eyes off the couple... they seemed so much in love.. they were into each other the entire time.. could this be real! :\
5. marriage .. stands for security and for the fact that you have some1 .. always.
6. A guy will always be there to hold you hand..

Will i ever find a guy who loves me irrespective of all my flaws... !
Do i really want to get married. at the cost of giving up my freedom...

DO happy marriages still exist?