Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sex and the city??

I am obsessed with the television show sex and the city. Till date i have downloaded like 3 seasons of the show. Im hooked!. Well i can't run home to watch the episodes again and again. The reason i love this show is pretty obvious.
1. This show is like a bible for anthropologists! seriously it has serious insights into the female brain!
2. i could (god know what lies in future) but i could never get laid that much :\
3. Its my secret goal that i want to be as thin and fabulous looking like them when im in 34s/40s.
4. It gives me a lot of insight into men. Its not like i have dated a huge army .. just that id like to know what the rivals are like in reality.
5. Well and the other tiny thing is that .. i think choti ladki aka the love of my life aka the asshole who ruined my life is. ..well err BIG. :| .. whatever ! ...
6. Also i think samantha is really unrealistic.. i mean in india.. im pretty sure i'd never meet a woman that free i could put it as promiscuous but hey ! its samantha we're talking about!
7. In mumbai no matter how beautiful i become i'd never find so many dates. (seriously after what vaibhav did to my self-confidence i'd be lucky if i ever find a date :|).
8. I have become convinced that no matter how talented, smart , beautiful a woman is there will always be a guy who will treat her like total crap. ... (this is from personal experience..
9. all our life we look for soul mates .. but hey they are right in front of you all the time .. you girlfriends!! ... perry, usshe, nupar, nadde r people who are always there for me !! no matter what....

I hope to have a sensible relationship someday!! :\ .. im not pinning my hopes on that though...
i'll find a sperm donor someday and i'll be rich and i won't need a husband!!! ..
bye for now :)