Friday, November 11, 2011

the cult movie that coudn't be.

I watched rockstar today. The much anticipated movie. it released today 11.11.11 . The movie was different not something you expected out of bollywood. Ranbir kapoor has yet again proved that he has acting skills. His passion for acting overshadows his otherwise yucky personality. Nargis fakri was eye-candy and nothing more. The story was a plain old (non-existent unreliastic love story). The passion that the character jordan had was an inspiration to me. The bold crazy fun loving character of heer works well. I am not a big fan of ranbir kapoor but must say , this guy is going to give the older actors a run for their money. He is after all the prince charming of bollywood. Imtiaz ali has done a good job. I liked all his movies bdw. Also for the music, it seemed enchanting. At first i never understood why mohit chauhan sung for ranbir i felt his voice never suited ranbir. But, then rahman's unconventional soundtrack and non-slang-hindi lyrics do the trick! It took time for the music and the lyrics to sink in, but i guess im a fan. However i did wonder why none of the hardcore indian bands were approached for making the music of rockstar it is after all a rock' movie..right? ... Anyways that could be expected out of anurag kashyap and not imtiaz ali. Well whatever it is , i didn't regret spending my 100 bucks to watch ranbir on-screen. I guess i have a new found respect for the Actor ranbir kapoor.
I went with my coll buddies and kaveri ma'am also came with us.