Sunday, September 25, 2011

March 28th 2010....

The day is particularly significant.
That is the day he asked me out finally.. wrote a silly little poem and well made magic.
He is gone now.. i don't truly know when i will be able to accept that. maybe never.
I drove him away since he did not fulfill the long list of requirements he was supposed to fulfill.
He was the guy so he had to be perfect. Right?
No.He was not.
He neve called. Never texted back.Broke all the promises. Never took me to meet his friends. Made me cry. Broke my heart.
love doesn't exist! .. I have gotten over other guys i believed i was in love with..Right?
I had unrealistic expectations.
I wasn't patient.
I coudn't be the perfect girlfriend.
I lost him .
It will probably take me years to get over him.
He deserves to be happy.
I hope he will be ...
I'll love you.
MR. Perfect.