Saturday, March 16, 2013

The answer is blowin' in the wind

I like feathers.I like how they are so soft.
 I like to catch them before they touch the ground.
I like to look at windows.
The ones which have nests for sparrows,
The panes that reflect light
The ones that have broken glasses. The ones that are green. The ones that don't have grills.
I like to walk alone and think too many things
I like music any, the old kind of classics. Anything that touches my soul.
I like watching cartoons like hey arnolds and the wild thornberrys and cardcaptor sakura.
And I'm 21.
I like laughing too much so my cheeks hurt
Id like to play the guitar really well someday
I like to read my diaries just to see how much I've grown.
I have failed, been ridiculed, tried to kill myself too many times,
Maybe ill never be good enough for you.
I'll always be too-dark, too-short, too-dumb for your eyes,
But i guess i'm good enough for me
Maybe you are too shallow to see how wonderful i could be
You can soak yourself up in your snobbishness
And enjoy with your numerous girlfriends
I've got company till i die,
Apparently my soul-mate was me all this time! 

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