Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A interesting piece of story...

When i was a kid i read a story about a flower. It was in my English text book. I don't remember it well however.. It went like this 

There was a field full of pretty flowers. There were all kinds of flowers red flowers, pink flowers, yellow ones, thorny ones, plain withered ones. Then there was this ambitious little amaranth that grew silently among the Amaranth clan. Even though she was born average, sidetracked by birth, she was extremely inquisitive and curious by nature. As she grew she realized that not everyone is the same. She began to see her insecurities more clearly. Her own thoughts bringing her down. She looked at the roses and was smitten by their beauty. She pondered how just being born as something,as someone determined your fate. The roses were the most gorgeous thing in the field. They stood tall and proud glistening and aware of their beauty. They dazzled in blood red with those beads of water decorating their body like diamonds. Their scent was mesmerizing. Every once in a while a traveler stood close and plucked a rose. This meant death for the pretty little rose but it also meant that the roses are valued. The ambitious little flower thought to herself, maybe if she prayed real hard that maybe she will too turn into a pretty rose. She prayed all day , all night also. After too much praying a little fairy showed up. The fairy asked the amaranth why she wanted to give her life up and turn into a rose as she was perfectly pretty the way she was! She begged and cried and told the fairy that this was it! her dream was to be a rose. After loads of contemplation the fairy decided to grant the flower's wish. She told amaranth that she could be a rose for a day, after that she will just have to die. Amaranth all excited and glad danced in excitement and agreed. The next morning amaranth woke up as a rose. She glistened and rose taller than any of the other roses. The other roses were envious of her beauty. She swayed with the wind and let butterflies rest on her. She enjoyed the sun rays playing on her. But when the sun bid adieu , amaranth started loosing her energy. Evening turned into night and Amaranth was on her death bed. The proud roses nudged each other and laughed at Amaranth's stupidity. they taunted her on her foolishness. Her old friends from the Amaranth clan made fun of her for making such a stupid decision. 
Amaranth looked at them with the little energy that she had within her, asked all of them to shut up! .... and told the roses that they simply lucky and stupid..  The rest of the amaranth's were too secure in their own lives. Not wanting to explore or be adventurous. She was proud that she made a stupid decision because , she lived truly for a day before dying. 

Moral of the story- 
I honestly, truly never figured it out. 

No seriously.. Everyone thinks your supposed to be happy with what you have. But the same people also say that you need to be ambitious. Even when i was a kid i wondered what exactly was the message of this story. Till date i haven't figured it out. Are we as humans too greedy to keep wanting more all the time. Should we just shut up and be satisfied. Should we just leave everything on fate? 

Shit this post is too long. :| 

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Blueberry Gumlin :D said...

This! <3 Maybe it just means that you're allowed to push your ideal self but with keeping in mind the boundaries of your individuality. :D Balanced :)