Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another chance.. ?

Well after almost 24 hours it will be the beginning of another year. Another number. More 365 days of change. I believed that 2012 was the most shittiest year of my life .. however i am sure of it.. i am just confident that there is more shitty-ness to come.
Things i am sure of
1. I will definitely have tons of emotional ups and downs( now this is just normal)
2. I will surely find a new job (hopefully i dont end up crying the bathroom when people bully me)
3. I will surely stalk him, cry for him, think about him, maybe get his wedding card .. like is he is age eligible for marriage after all!
4. I will surely make out with a tons of different men.
5. I will surely own a whole lot of new clothes.
6. I will surely learn a new dance form, maybe ill try kathak, well lets see.

Things i hope for
1. I do not get fat coz of the all the fuckery happening around me
2. I honestly genuinely for fuck sake get over him.
3. I hope i get a better job with tons of money, where people dont bully me.
4. I hope one of the guys i make out with is looney enough to actually fall in love with me.
5. I hope to be more courageous.

Things i will believe no matter what.
1. Fairytales do come true. ( i am not talking about the one where she finds a prince nd lives happily ever after.. I am talking about the one where she learns to stand on her own two feet and become a gazillionaire.... Well it has come true for Ashwin anna who is my idol so ... why not me? )
2. I belong to a family which consists of a breed of really strong women. Women who keep their feet firm no matter what. No one is bendable. I hope to carry forth the legacy.
3. Life is in these silly moments... when i get to witness the most amazing moments...
For example-
  • Lady selling vegetable at dharavi (who i'm sure isn't educated bdw) is teaching her grandchild ABCD ...  
  • A mother holding on to her child looking all weary yet having that content smile.
  • A father having an awkward conversation with his daughter.. .
  • His memories .. all of them , the nice ones actually... his hugs... his kisses... his eyes.. all of him! 
  • When a random stranger strikes up an interesting conversation. 
  • When you discover an amazingly cheap food place with the most amazing food! 
  • when you randomly meet new songs and they become your soul-mates for a long long time.
4. To never loose my childish innocence and compassion for everyone, including the ones who get on my nerves.
5. To know that i will get everything i want. All of it. I exist isn't it proof enough, that im awesome!

I hope the new year is as amazing as i have envisioned. 

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