Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This too shall pass

You are very weird you know,
You have got a big nose,
A large one,
Unlike mine which is small and cute,  
 Your eyes are tiny and slant too much,
Unlike mine which are big and round,
Your fingers are long like ten twigs,
Grey hair on your head,
How repulsive! 
Your flabby tummy isn't very appealing you know,
The way you smile,
Attempting to hide those fake teeth,
Your eyes are hazel not brown,

Your feet are huge,
Not normal for a proportioned man,
Your skin is yellowish brown,
The nails dirty and uncut,
You lie there in front of me,
Without even looking at me,
You said something,
I hardly heard,
You see im too busy in my head,
Loving you and your flaws!