Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The tired stranger

What is wrong with her, why is she following me? ...
But she is not really looking at me...
Maybe she wants to go to the same place where i am going...
Why then is she walking so close...
There is something unsettling about her face though..
I mean look at her...
Shoddy face.. unkempt hair...
Ugh .. those clothes...
Gosh i should ignore her..
Why can't i stop obsessing about this woman..
Okay..Stop think.
Think of something else...
This girl is so repulsive...
IS she mocking me?
Okie..Ill walk really fast.
Okay so i guess i left her behind somewhere
wait what .. she is right next to me..
I take a good look at her
Her tired eyes
Loose strands of brittle hair..
 I feel a jolt
I stop where i was 
The world doesn't
She walked past me..
She is me!
Who am i then
I run behind her..
Only to witness her being crushed.
..A large sea green tempo
Why did i run to save her...
She was dead long ago.
I was alive ever since.