Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sane or ... Sane ?

What is sanity?
Well i watched this movie called Se7en which has brad Pitt and Morgan freeman.Well the movie put me in a dark space. A really really bad dark space with no overtones of other shades. The movie has a bizarre ending. Looks like i was having a lot of revelations regarding or dealing with the subject of insanity. John Doe was clearly insane. I'm a little disturbed i guess. But Seven and god bless America made me realize one thing i could totally pull off being a serial killer. Maybe i could pull off being a hitman.. okie hitwoman wtever. I realized how one heartbreak can make people go nuts. Like my guitar Sir mentioned that in rockstar maybe the whole point of jordans character was that he lost himself, his identity his thoughts , he simply stopped living in this world. His sole object of desire was taken away from him and that when he got the things that he struggled for all his life he did not find sense in them. Sir mentioned that when a person experiences that crazy degree of pain they stop seeing themselves. They get a bird's eye view of the whole tide of life. What is sanity? what if all the life that we live during the daylight is a mere illusion. The pain that we experience, just a mirage? what if there are happier worlds in the parallel universe. Where there is nothing like pollution, bad attitudes and heart breaks. waiting to discover things till im alive and don't kill myself... which i can't guarantee for a long time. Bye for now.

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