Monday, July 23, 2012

A battle lost.

What a vague concept. People loose so much. Every day , every single hour. What determines the degree of loss. What makes us continue living after the loss. Every single day i try to find hope. Hope for love , for peace . All i get is more proof of its Absence. I've lived 20 years of my life, as a i reflect back i realize nothing has ever gone according to what i planned. What am then supposed to live for ? what do i look forward to? if nothing i want is ever going to happen. My day consists of waking up breathing and living in a parallel world. Nothing i do makes any sense. I've become a slave to the robotic life that the human race is subjected to follow. With every breath, every second of exhaling i realize everything is a mirage. The confidence the value the dreams are just illusions. People have no clue. Like me. Lost. When is the time to gain then? 

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