Saturday, March 17, 2012

life happens..

There are such tricky times in life, where no matter which search engine you try , you will not find answers.
Yesterday Nups told me that i have become numb to feelings or situations.
Should i worry about that ?
Or Isn't it nice that i don't feel things anymore.
Things, People don't concern me anymore.
I mean should it matter that my employer isn't in any mood to pay me.
Or the fact that i let go a very good job opportunity from my hands because of my foolish teacher.
I mean isn't the ultimate thing to just die.
How am i supposed to decide how much someone will pay me for my work.
I want to take things easy.
Not too much stress, is this wrong?
Am i being numb to everything that happens to me?
Am i too easy?
Is Nupur right...

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