Saturday, March 21, 2009


life was easier when small,
thought id be happier when i grow up,
the innumerable things i wanted to be,
is blown away in smoke ,
as i linger here smoking weed,
happiness didn't like me,
never had a single friend,
never missed them all dat muc
had acquaintances,
but no feeling of belonginess,
ignorance was bliss when small,
lonesomeness didn't hurt that much ,
today im alone as i used to be,
only thing dats changed is that im all grown up.
why he left ,
i do not know,
he must've had his reasons ,
i understand though,
inadequasies gripped our loving souls,
never had let someone be so close before,
maybe dats coz the process was unbearable,
but im sure he'll be happy ,
wherever in the world he chose to be ,
without me.