Friday, April 12, 2013

Why it sucks being the poorest person in your family and devising ways to find happiness.

Well, the title was going to be just "why it sucks being poor" and the whole post was going to be me lamenting about my financial status, lack of social status and therefore lack of any sense of identity.
But no. Enough with the negativity already. Its not like i'm the happiest person on the planet. But i'm just tired of pinpointing the numerous shortcomings of weird coiled life.

Okay so here goes the list ,

1. Dress up. Now being poor obviously means the lack of fabulous outfits. But that's no excuse for the lack of style. So to tackle this, you can always DIY. Yes, my dearies, DIY is the answer to all our problems. There are plenty , i mean lots of ideas out there. And there are lot's of creative women who happily share these ideas. Make most of them.
 Well as you can see i made some pretty hearts on a dull grey jacket. :) This is me vending my frustration. A healthy outlet don't you think?

2. Make lemonade. Okay so being poor also means you cannot afford tropical fancy fruits and make fancy looking drinks out of them. So, you can always dig in the refrigerator for some lemons and make lemonade.
And well, you can dig some more and you might actually find some alcohol. Well, to funk it up , you can always add tiny amounts of different alcohol to your lemonade. Similarly, you can add all kind of weird spices in your kitchen and learn to make amazing-ly weird drinks!! Voila! or at-least a funny looking drink. Well, just don't add stuff that would make you die.

3. Pretend to be a yogi and meditate. hmm. well if everyone out there is a loner like me, then you'd like spending time indoors. Now, what do you do when your crying so hard that you forgot the reason why you're actually crying. And when you stare at your face in the mirror, you wonder how funny you look. So, you can obviously find some candles in your house make a huge circle, sit in center, in the dark, light them all, close your eyes, and pretend to see the divine white light everyone talks about. You might end up thinking about rubbish but that fine. After ten minutes you might want to simply stare at the candles and try to play stupid games like how fast you can move your fingers through the flame without getting burnt. just don't really get burnt.

4. Read thought catalog. It's kind of peaceful to know that there are equally miserable people out there. Obviously there are bigger problems in life like, earth ending, alien invasions, weird looking species getting killed and wiped out, global warming and loads of other stuff, but being in a rut and stupid relationship crap gets to you.

5. Buy a nice smelling soap and bathe. Well expensive shower gels are out of the question when you poor. So you give yourself the luxury of enjoying one nice hot bath. Stay in as long as you want. use the whole bar of soap. Make as many froth hairstyle's you like. Dance in the shower. Masturbate as much as you like.

6. Dance. yes i know baz luhrmann said it i'm saying it again. Just put on the radio and dance alone. throw yourself into wacky music and just hop around. My favorite wacky dance number is super-freak.

7. Sketch. I know one of the disadvantages of being lazy is that you cannot bring yourself to do any thing. But this doodling is fun. You don't have to buy fancy looking leather bound books. Just grab some old book with few blank pages. Find a pencil, and there you go!! for starters i'm sure there are all kinds of fascinating people around. Start by doodling their faces. Develop characters.

8. Develop a stupid hobby. Like mine is to pick buttons. Yes i love picking buttons from any damn place. Not mind you people i do not buy them . I just pick it up from the road. Well it's not weird. You can pick stones if you like. Be proud of you're silly little hobby.

Well this is it for now. Try to somehow revive energy. And try to live it up. Trying is everything. Poverty at-least in my case is not by choice. Being born in a broken home with no support except monthly alms from your rich family members is not really that great. You end up being labelled as a gold digger and your automatically the inferior leper no one wants around them. Your boyfriend also dumps you because you simply poor and cant afford most of the things.

But trying to to move on from being in this state matters. Having a plan and not let bullshit intimidate you, matters.

Even stones are in the state of becoming.


Blueberry Gumlin :D said...

Can't even start telling you how much I loved this post! :) :* I louuuuu you veebee and money? well, it's just going to happen to us since we have our dream plan in place..just a few years and then we'd be ka-ching-ing like Shania twain in that song of hers :P :D (in a good way):D

maggot.giggles.grenooille.croft .roark said...

hehe im glad you loved it peery :* , i hope to see the days we are dancing to Shania twain's song. I can't wait to get there :D