Monday, June 4, 2012

Benefits of being single

1. Girls all around me who are in a relationship have only one ambition in life i.e is to get married. Single women are more career oriented. Have some ambition in life to be equal to a man. Like get stuff on their own without monetary or any other kind of help from their husbands.
2. Single women can wear whatever they want. No restrictions of clothes no more restrictions on what boyfies consider obscene.
3. Eat a lot of chocolates, no one to comment on eating habits of any kind. Vegetarian boyfriends always force girlfriends to turn veg. How many guys ever turned vegetarian for girl i ask?
4. No more jealousy , no more insecurity, no more crying spells. Less emotional drama.
5. SAve money, no expenditure on buying gifts for the boyfie, or on dinners or movies, All the money saved can be spent of buying clothes and being fabulous.
6. Having more time since there is no object to be obsessed about. This time can be used to pursue a new hobby. Music class, dance ,craft , DIY's anything at all.
7. Flirt with all the cuties out there, no guilt of being committed.
8. The joy of being with oneself :) is so amazing , As they say it is necessary to loose yourself to find the real you.
9. Being single makes us feel the need to take care of ourselves more, more pedicures, more spa treatments , luxurious facials :P feels fabulous.
10. After being single for so long now, i have understood one thing i might cry at times, i might be sad at times. But being single is definitely better than being stuck in a disastrous relationship.
11. Also this time gives you an amazing opportunity to stop being spineless. Stand on you own two feet and stop letting some rude boys define who you are. There are so many bad men out there. But once in a while some nice ones might appear. :)

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