Friday, May 22, 2009

What was her fault I ask ….what …????....marrying the man she fell in love with , for the guy she gave up her maternal home , for him , who she gave up her childhood , her innocence … ?...what has she done to deserve purple bruises all over her … a black eye! For gods sake , why does he mutilate her thoughts , rape her feelings , for causing much more pain than just physical brutality …. As I’ve grown up I’ve been a hardcore feminist ……why shouldn’t I be ….when only women can understand the pain a woman goes through …. Why are woman treated like sex objects ….every non-veg’ joke forwarded is on her …. Every time she walks on the road she is mentally undressed by the street-oglers who check her out shamelessly .. why is she expected to keep her head down ….is it her fault , that she gives birth , is it her fault that she is physically less stronger ……. Why does a man think that violence towards a woman or rather his wife is acceptable …. ????? why …. As I write this blog I have nothing but anger , disgust and hatred towards that kind of men , who use women …. Who take advantage of her …in the worst possible ways ….
Im fed up of seeing domestic violence happening everywhere around , when I was a kid in my home , now that I’m working, in my work place , im fed-up of being deceived , cheated and the feeling of being – used’ ….. Why aren’t questions raised bout a man’s chastity …..Why is a woman honor at stake …. Why are the maximum bad words referring woman...?/? ….
I noe none of my questions have answers , but ill still ask one moe ….. when will the world stop considering woman secondary ????????
Writing dis blog will not change things , not change my subject’s life either …… bt now I can sleep peacefully ….. since ive let it all out …

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Lincoln said...

i know there are ppl in this world who are mean , it might be that man tortures women physically more in this world but dont u think there are women who tortures man mentally day in and day out, I am not acting as a MCP but what i feel is evil is present everywhere in this world in various forms, one needs to fight it , nice write up